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Professional Manufacturer of Wedding Stage & Mandaps Provider

What We Do ?

We are the main supplier of professional wedding mandaps and stage in USA, INDIA, UK and FRANCE. Our team of designers and wedding decorators create professional themed weddings, reception, flower arrangements, stage backdrops, vidhi mandap and other items as per customer requirement.

Shyam Agencies are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a Wedding Mandaps, stages, wedding Furniture and also huge collection of Wedding Decorative Items. Started its operations in 1998, the company manufactures a varied range of wedding utility items such as Wedding Mandaps, Traditional Wedding Stage, Wedding Mandap Accessories, Foyer Set Up, Food Canopies, Wedding Umbrella, Wedding Chairs and Sofa, Wedding Dining Sets, Wedding Backdrop in zardosi, pleaded and other patterns, Reception Stage Set, and various other wedding decoration items like Walkway Statues, Ganesh Statues. An in-depth experience throughout these years has seen us establishing our export markets for Wedding Mandaps in countries like Africa, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, France, UK. Complete with the necessary machinery our highly skilled and dedicated workforce produces a product range that can be compared with only the best. This includes our core team of highly skilled and motivated craftsmen seeped in the National tradition. Balance is the buzzword with us, as our company seeks to combine the traditional aspects of manufacturing with the latest trends in the international market. Come and make your special occasions memorable with our admirable range of products.

We are capable to create wedding with different themes as under

  • Indian Wedding Mandap
  • Harusi Mandap
  • Devdas Mandap
  • Swarovski Wedding Mandap
  • Wedding Roman Mandap
  • Wedding Roman Palace Mandap
  • Devdas Mandap
  • Wedding Dev Das Mandap
  • Swarovski Embellished Mandapam
  • Palace Mandap